[SOLVED] Changing over to another HD

I know to most this is a basic one…
How do I change over to another HD to access it’s contents?
I’ve tried ‘cd sdc1’ but it doesn’t display anything when I ‘dir’
and cd /media/sdc
cd /media/sdc1
cd Drive3
cd /media/sdc1 /Drive3/ISO

What’s the proper command to jump over to another drive?

Think I’ve got it

sdc or sdc1 will get you nowhere … that’s a device.



you’ll need to check where sdc1 is mounted:


should tell you.

Though in reality, it should be available in the left hand panel in your Nautilus file manager

I’ve also noticed I’ve got drive names no longer in use, how do I get rid of them?

As you’ve marked this topic SOLVED … can you start a new one for this issue.

In the new topic … You’ll have to explain that a bit better … where are these “drive names” being displayed ?