[SOLVED] Email notifications?

I’m just wondering how I’d go about setting up Mint 16 to allow for notifications of new email in the panel/taskbar, like in Ubuntu? I’ve got three email accounts up-and-running in Thunderbird but, as things stand, I only get notifications if I actually have Thunderbird open on my desktop. I’ve downloaded a couple of add-ons but neither seems to do what I’m looking for. Is there a way to get one of these things working with Thunderbird running in the background somehow? I tried enabling Thunderbird in the Startup settings but, again, I really only want to look at my emails when I click on a notification icon.

Doesn’t mail-notification do this ?

should be in the repo’s

I think the OP wants notifications to appear first, then fire up TB to read them. ???
Unless I am missing something, for that to happen he would need something (like postfix/dovecot) to monitor the mail server, send notifications etc. All that without opening TB.

I’ve tried a couple of those mail notification programs from the repos but they don’t appear to work unless Thunderbird is open on my desktop, which kind of defeats the object (TB itself notifies me of new mail anyway) but I was looking for something like the mail icon Ubuntu comes with. Mint doesn’t seem to have anything like that by default.

You will not get notifications if TB is not running, unless you install something which check your mail server independently.

You could try Popper (as indicated here)

Cheers guys. I chose the Firetray add-on for Thunderbird and made TB a minimised-to-tray startup application. I now have a little mail icon next to my system clock.