[SOLVED] Has Ubuntu got a form of activity log

I am just wondering if there’s any such thing as an activity log.
I ask because I left the PC on last night with qBittorrent running and when I checked it for downloads, the folder to put finished downloads in had gone!

In what way “gone”? Did you shut off the system between creating it, and then checking it later?

There are logs (much better than Windows so-called logs!), but I don’t think it logs folder creation/deletion…

Found it!
It was ‘hidden’ due to not being named the same as it is in Kubuntu (EXT-01) than Ubuntu (Toshiba.EXT)

Where are they?

You can find them under /var/log, there are several in there, depending on which process is writing to them, and what kind of information you’re after. The program dmesg drags info from here (at least, it presents similar information, so I assume it grabs it from there), but it doesn’t cover all logs (I don’t think it covers X, which are written away in a subfolder of /var/log)

Yep the logs are at /var/log … but I’d have expected Kubuntu and Ubuntu to have a log file viewer installed.

Really? I wasn’t aware of that, I’ll have to check out Mint tonight to see if it’s got one!

I’d expect Ubuntu too have gnome-system-log installed … dunno about mint, but I’d expect it to have one somewhere.

Kubuntu has got it, ‘KSystemLog’
Views System Log, Kernel Log, Authentication Log, Daemons Log, X.org Log
Thanks all :smiley: