(Solved) Help needed to run Windows only programme

Hi ,
I need help to run a Windows programme that will NOT be ported to Linux.
I have tried Wine, Winetricks , Play on Linux, VB etc. but none of them seem to work as I want.
I realise that this problem is not really a Unix problem as such so I can only hope for general advice in this matter.
I am thinking the only way to get this programme to run is by dual booting and using Windows to run this programme. I have a 64 bit January 2014 Windows 7 disc (with Service Pack 1) and hoping this would be OK for the Windows side ??
Any thoughts ??

Don W

Yeah should run no problem I’m currently dual booting with W8 Only use windows for Photoshop which is easier to do dual booting since I already had windows installed.

Why won’t it run in Vbox ? … is it graphics intensive (such as a game) ?

Hi Mark,
I need control of the USB ports to run this programme as I am trying to control a laser engraver from the programme.
I have a Samsung Notebook with Win 7 that has been resurrected and can run this programme so I can now mark this solved.
Thanks for the help.

Don W

You can have control of the USB ports in Vbox … how did you install Vbox ?

Thanks Mark,
I have the Samsung running ok and it does what is needed. I have paid for the key to run the programme on that machine and it will be sent pretty quickly. Thanks for the interest in this, I did have quite a lot of faffing about with various VBox, PlayonLinux, Wine etc. programmes but that is all solved now. I will only be using the Samsung to burn some coasters at the moment but I hope to get it to cut 1/4" plywood soon.

take care
Don W

Okey dokey Don … have fun :slight_smile: