[SOLVED] HPLIP - No printer but CUPS can see them

A couple of days ago I was able to print then the next day HPLIP was gone.
I re-installed HPLIP (3.15.4) and it goes through the motions of installing the printer but when I have finished, there is no printer visible by HPLIP, even after a reboot.
HPLIP toolbox comes up with ‘No installed HP devices found’, yet they’re showing up in CUPS.
I even used Muon Package Manager and purged everything I could that was to do with my HP printer(s) and that still didn’t solve it.

I can still print tho’. If I use something like LO or GIMP but I’m unable to print from the web!

I’ve also lost xsane, so I am unable to scan too.
I have just tried reinstalling xsane but that didn’t solve it!

Has anyone got any idea what’s wrong?

Fixed it myself.


What was the issue/solution in the end?

It was something to do with PDF. I installed print to PDF and it somehow fixed it :o