[SOLVED] Installed some books, now can't find them

I installed some ‘books’ from Synaptic but cant find them anywhere?
Does anyone know where they get ‘installed’?

How can anyone answer that unless you tell them which packages you installed (by name) ?

Basically you’ve asked:-

I’ve installed something, but you have to guess what … now tell me where to find this thing that I’ve given you no information about ???



I love your reply to my question Mark, it made me laugh.

Anyway, the books/packages were

reference book for Debian users and system administrators
Free Python book for experienced programmers (zh translation)
book for learning Python 3
Hardware Book
free Ubuntu book for beginners

If you go into Synaptic and copy the titles, you should see each one or just type in ‘book’ and they will show up in the list.

Okay, now I don’t know if there’s supposed to be some kind of “reader” application for these, but you can access then via your web browser at:-


Dunno what package the second book is … I can’t find anything with that description in Synaptic, you’d have to give me the actual packagename



The Ubuntu book (simplecommeubuntu) can be opened with the following command

evince "/usr/share/doc/simplecommeubuntu/scu-10.10(.10?).pdf.gz"

but I hope you understand French :wink:

Now there may be a better way of doing this, but if you right-click an installed package in synaptic, then select “Properties”, then the “Installed files” tab … you can see all the files that package installed on your system.

I’ve had a look and they’re not worth keeping, I thought they might be PDF’s or epub’s but they’re just HTML’s
I’ve removed them.