[SOLVED]Kodak Hero 5.1 on LMDE

I know it’s supported under the c2esp driver (of a fashion), and under the Add Printers page, the Hero 5.1 was listed. It’s connected wirelessly, and the Add Printers dialog seemed happy to find and add it to the system. Printing a test page though, produced absolutely nothing from either the PC or the printer. Is there any kind of log where it would have written errors to? Or can I enable some kind of verbose debug log for printing temporarily? Also, I guess I’m out of luck getting the scanner to work?

This is an LMDE x86 MATE install, fully updated.

  • This is just a stub posting - I can’t provide any more info until the weekend probably, as I won’t have access to the machine. A list of stuff to try would be nice though :slight_smile:
Is there any kind of log where it would have written errors to?
You could check out CUPS error log for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. See here

Thanks SeZo, I’ve also found this one DebuggingPrintingProblems - Ubuntu Wiki which looks quite good (hopefully Ubuntu & Debian don’t differ too much here)

In “Add Printer” did you see if there were any drivers listed under “Eastman Kodak” rather than just “Kodak” ?

Got a result! When I powered the machine up today, it didn’t work (couldn’t connect to printer). So I deleted it and added in the Eastman Kodak (via a default connection), and it printed a test page! Text & images look perfect! :smiley:

Any hope on the scanner? I know less about scanners then I do about printers, and that’s saying something :-[

You might need to install the latest sane-backends from git.

instructions here (for Debian/Ubuntu based distros):

Well, the compilation took a while - only afterwards did I see on the Sourceforge page for the driver did I see that you can specify in the ./configure action which backends you want!

Anyway, it looks ok, and after specifying a fixed IP rather than autodiscover, the scanner is listed under “scanimage -L”. What now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Scratch that, found there is application under MATE called “Simple Scan”, and it’s working out of the box :smiley:

Cool :slight_smile: … I prefer xsane, but simple-scan works too.