[SOLVED] Password not accepted

I am trying to login to Ubuntu (11.10) and it will not accept the login, I have checked that CAPS LOCK is OFF and typed the password in multiple times and it still will not get past the login screen.
I know I need my Install disk but dont know what to to after that!

first try hitting Alt+F2 to access a console … you will be prompter for a username and password … does that accept your password ?

Done it, ++
I typed the username and password but it didn’t accept the password :frowning:

See here for instructions on resetting/changing the password:

Thanks ever so much for that Mark. I don’t know why that happened with Mrs Pookys laptop as she left it logged on and browser open in FarmTown (facebook)
She got up this morning and was greeted by the login screen!!!

You should make that link very noticeable somewhere as it could help not just me…