[SOLVED] Pointing multiple Thunderbirds to ONE set of mail

I am running a multi-boot set-up and I want to be able to point Thunderbird to one copy of my emails.
sda1 Ubuntu 14.04
sdc1 Kubuntu 14.04
sdc5 Kubuntu 12.04 All emails here
sdc6 Xubuntu 14.04

I want to be able to have Thunderbird on each OS but have them saved on sdc5.

I have looked back at an old thread of mine but it was just to copy the info across, not just use a central one.

automount sdc5 in the other OS’s (through fstab)

make it’s thunderbird mail directory read/write by anyone.

point all versions of thunderbird at that mail directory.

I can do step 1 & 2 but step 3 is a problem as I don’t know how to. I have had a quick look in Thunderbirds settings but cant find any to point to the ‘folders’

Think I’ve found it, I hadn’t set up my email account, now I have, the setting are visible.

I would suggest to do it this way (that is how I do it over several machines):
In case of POP3:
a) In all instances of TB (other than that on sdc5) set:
Edit->Account Settings->[email account]->Server Settings
Put tick by Leave Messages on Server (leave other two boxes empty)
b) On sdc5 set TB to download emails from server:
Make sure that the Leave Messages on Server checkbox is empty.

Set all TB email accounts to IMAP. That way all emails will reside on remote server.

Think I’ll try your way SeZo as I am unable to manually edit the path and the file selector does not show ‘.hidden’ files.

Looks like it’s working, downloading headers as I type.
Cheers SeZo :slight_smile: