(SOLVED) Re: missing thunderbird mail

Hi Mark,
I switched on this evening and when I opened Thunderbird Mail the welcome screen followed the cursor and I think there was some notification on the bottom of the screen saying screen 2, screen 3 etc.
Since losing the top of my finger I sometimes click the Left and Right buttons at the same time and I may have upset something.
When I try to get the Thunderbird to open, the red drive light comes on but goes out again without starting Thunderbird.
How can I get the mail programme back again ?

take care
Don W

Are you sure you haven’t just switched workspace … and thunderbird isn’t opening on the other workspace ?

Is there any output from:

ps aux | grep [t]hunderbird


don@ldwatson ~ $ ps aux | grep (t)underbird
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(’
don@ldwatson ~ $ ps aux | grep [t]underbird
don@ldwatson ~ $

This is what I have
I used the wrong brackets first time, but I don’t get any messages


Sorry about that Mark.
I seem to have clicked on the middle mouse button and shifted the page?.
I now have everything back to normal thanks.
I looked at the forum on Peppermint OS and asked for ‘user workspace’

take care
Don W

No problem, we’ve all done it … I know I have.

You can also change workspace with

Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow

Ctrl+F1 = Workspace 1
Ctrl+F2 = Workspace 2

Unless you’ve removed it I thought there was also a workspace switcher on the bottom panel of Peppermint 3