[SOLVED] Strange Request For New Keyring Password

I needed to convert an audio file from ‘AMR’ to ‘MP3’ and installed ‘Sound Converter’ through ‘Muon Package Manager’ and performed a re-boot. I also installed ‘kubuntu-restricted-extras’

I then had a request pop up. The request was for a ‘Keyring Password’ for ‘Default Keyring’. I have not entered anything as I was unsure why this happened, I have never been asked to enter a keyring password before.
Thinking this was because I installed ‘kubuntu-restricted-extras’, I uninstalled it, then rebooted, but the keyring password request was still there.

Link For Screenshots

Hi pooky2483,
Same problem here and like you I have not entered anything. I think it happened after the latest Google Chrome update as I only see that when I use Google.
I am sure Mark will let us know what is happening.

take care
Don W

Try this:
that topic also explains why Chrome is asking for a keyring

Thanks Mark,
I left it blank and hit continue. I restarted and it no longer asks for a keyring password.

take care
Don W

Same here.

I don’t really understand the ‘keyring’ thing, what has Google done to make it request a keyring password, maybe we could file a bug report?