(Solved) system backups

Hello Folks,

Can anyone please tell me whether there is a way of doing a snapshot of Ubuntu (like a Norton Ghost in Windows)?

I need to make some changes to my system (14.04 LTS), and I’d like to avoid a full reinstall if things go wrong… which they very well may, given my level of Linux expertise!


Use a Redo Backup & Recovery LiveCD/LiveUSB to create an image of the hard drive

It’s about as easy as it gets :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark,

I’ll look into it asap and report back.


… just looked at the link. Redo looks like the dog’s bllcks. Not about to do anything at 22:48 after a couple of drinks though…

Downloaded Redo, but then realised I haven’t got much space for storing backups!

I’ll post back when I’ve corrected this little problem!


LOL … yeah room for the backup does help :slight_smile:

Just a quick post to say I still intend to report back - just haven’t had time to do anything about this yet, including add more space for the backups!


just haven't had time

I’ll guarantee that won’t feel like much of a justification from the other side of a disk failure … but we’ve all said it at some point :wink:

Can’t argue with that Mark, but my wife has been in and out of hospital since last July, and I’m prioritising…

Also, I’m careful to back up all the important data onto external drives or other internal drives.

What I’m talking about here is just the OS and the desktop. Worst case scenario is that I’d have to reinstall stuff, which I’d like to avoid if possible, but which wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I shouldn’t rally pontificate … I’ve got a single drive NAS here that’s been running permanently now for 3 years plus and isn’t backed up ::slight_smile:

Good luck with that…

Does single drive count as a NAS? I thought it’d require RAID by default?
Side note - RAID isn’t the same as a backup, due to data corruption affecting both (virus, deletion, etc), and also that the drives will be the same age with the same wear profile, so have the same odds of failing as that same moment in time (a bit like headlight bulbs, for the motorists out there)

It’s standalone, it’s network attached, and it’s storage … it’s a NAS :wink:

In RAID-1 the drives may (or may not) be of the same age but they stand no more chance of failing simultaneously as any other combination of aged drives.

Your point about deleting (or otherwise corrupting) a file/folder is correct though … RAID-1 is not a “snapshot” type backup.

Hi folks,
Just putting my twopenneth worth in if that`s OK.
I used to use Remastersys (which was brill), now sadly gone, so I started looking for something else to suit my requirements.

I tried Redo as mentioned but it had one fault for me. I have five partitions on my hard drive, so I could backup a single partition no problem. When I started to do a “dummy” restore, as I tend to do, just to see how it works, I couldnt restore the single partition back to its position. It would only restore it back to the drive as one whole unit, thereby destroying the data on the other partitions. I hope Ive explained that better than it sounds, but then again perhaps Im not using it right.

Then I came across FSArchiver which does exactly what I want it to. Back up SDA1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to USB either flash drive or external drive, restore back to the original place, no problem. Quick & easy to use, once you get used to the German interface.

Sorry to ramble on, just my take on it. Should I mention I use Mint 17?

Sounds good man, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks, just been reading for a while & thought why not join in the fun!

Sorry about the lengthy absence.

I finally found some spare space on an external drive. Problem is, Redo doesn’t seem to want to play with external drives.

So, just came back to report that I’ll probably solve the problem by using Norton Ghost from the other half of the dual-boot (XP, but not allowed anywhere near the internet). It’s an idea I found elsewhere on the web.

Mind you, I may try wishbone’s suggestion of FSArchiver first…


Hi mikep,
If you are interested in fsarchiver you can download the live cd-dvd from here.

There seems to be an English version now as well, precise fits on CD, trusty fits on DVD.

Have you tried Clonezilla?

I’m surprised that you’re having problems with Redo and external drives … this is specifically what Redo is designed for and has no problems with my external HDD’s and can even access my NAS with zero configuration ???