(solved)Thunderbird Issue

Hello to all. I have a question about Thunderbird, that occurs each day.
I am running Linux Mint LMDE with the LXDE desktop, latest version, and Thunderbird is Ver, 9
My question is, is anyone else receiving a daily notice (in the form of a box that opens) and says
there are updates for security etc., and I need to update to Ver.11.
OK, so several times I have clicked OK, on the button in the box, and it appears to be running an update.
The problem is, I can leave it there all day, and it never updates anything. No activity on the modem, nothing.
After hours, I just close it, and the next day, after I open Thunderbird and leave it opened for a few miuntes,
the box appears again.
Is anyone else getting this, or am I the only lucky one seeing it?
Thunderbird is working fine (as far as I can tell), but does seem to take a while longer to send email forwards
than the same setup on my home PC.
It isn’t life stopping, just a niggling thing that sets me t wondering “what is going on”?

Hi hacksaw, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Ignore this posting … I hadn’t noticed you were using the Debian Edition of Mint … sorry.

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You can update to Thunderbird 11 by adding the “Thunderbird Stable Channel Packages” PPA.

Open a terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

Youn should now have Thunderbird version 11

Another option would be to just disable update warnings in Thunderbird preferences

I am using LMDE (xfce) version and it does the same.
The update will not work unless you start Thunderbird as root. I did the same with Firefox some time ago
and then the update did work, but the downside is that you loose sinc with the repos.

See above :slight_smile: … have you tried that ?

Sorry, I should have said it DID the same before, but not any more.
It was automatically updated few days ago. :wink:

Ooops (again), I’m not doing too well today … I missed that you are both using the Debian Edition.

Do Ubuntu PPA’s work int he Mint Debian Edition ?


A quick google suggests not.

No, but that is actually a good thing.
The whole reason of going with LMDE is that it is Debian based (and it is Ubuntu free) :wink:

Without getting into a philosophical debate on whether Ubuntu is better than Debian, or if PPA’s are necessarily a good source for packages … in this particular case it does seem a bit limiting considering that the .deb contained in that PPA is from the mozilla team and would most likely work perfectly well in Debian.

Mint started to push some updates through in the last few days so Thunderbird should have been updated to 11 (along with Firefox).
I wonder why his Thunderbird did not get updated.

I also wonder if it is LMDE with (post installed LXDE) and not Linux Mint LXDE (which I think is still Ubuntu based).

Yeh, that was my first impression once I saw LXDE … which is where I made the mistake.

I took the last option as I had tried the first, and it didn’t work on this system,
Thanks for all replies.

Glad you got it sorted … sorry for my earlier mistake, that will teach me to read questions better before responding :wink: