[SOLVED] Unable to print

I have been having problems printing, my printer only prints half a page (top half) and then… nothing.
I am using an HP OfficeJetPro 6830.

I have uninstalled ALL printers (including FAX) via CUPS and then tried to reinstall them, printer and FAX, via CUPS but that does not solve the problem. I am also not able to complete the printer install using HPLIP 3.16.3 as I get a message telling me that I have not got libtools installed, yet, I HAVE.
I have HPLIP 3.15.9 installed.

That’s not the default hplip version for 14.04 … have you installed it manually ? … if so did the stock version not work or something ?

or are you no longer on 14.04 ?

Yes, I did a manual install of 3.15.9 (I think, what’s the version that installs on fresh install?). And what do you mean by ‘the stock version’?

or are you no longer on 14.04 ?

I’m still using 14.04

Just tried to re-install hplip 3.15.9 and I get the same error as when trying to install the latest version, libtool not installed…
It IS though!

Just thought I’d have another try…
Managed to get the printer working.
The only difference this time was, I didn’t tick ‘share Printer’.

Glad you got it sorted pooky2483 … What I meant by “stock” was “standard/default” :wink:

I had the same problem on the fresh install of Kubuntu 14.04 I did yesterday.
Same problem with HPLIP, so I used CUPS to completely remove all printers and installed them using CUPS and again, unticked ‘share printer’ and it worked.
No idea what the cause of the problem is/was.

Cool, at least you figured a way around it :slight_smile: