[solved] Wi-Fi cameras

Evenin’ All,

I’m thinking of getting a Kasa camera in order to monitor the house when I’m away.

Some reviews suggest that they’re not appropriate for the UK as they require an input of 100-120v, rather than the UK’s 240v.

The suggestion is that this involves risk of fire. However, as I understand it, electrical devices draw only as much power as they need, so there should be no problem if too much power is available.

Am I right? I want to monitor the house, not burn it down!



From what I’m seeing the Kasa smart cameras all seem to be made by TP-Link and use 100-240 volt AC adapters.

So which particular model are you looking at ?


Hello Mark,

I’m looking at the KC120. I found various comments online stating that it doesn’t work in the UK, and that the required voltage is 100-120v.

I’ve just looked at the TP-Link website which states 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A, so it seems you’re quite right.

I’m wondering whether those people complaining bought from Amazon.com instead of Amazon.co.uk and paid extra shipping for the privilege of buying the wrong item…

I would have expected the adapter to be the same in both countries as it covers both 110 and 240v

I can only assume they didn’t do their homework and simply took a guess :wink:

Not quite with you Mark,

If the adapter were the same in both countries, how could anyone guess wrong?

Mind you, an American plug would be completely different from a UK one - unless it comes with one of those new ‘kits’ whereby you just slip on the ‘front end’ that suits your location…

Exactly … they couldn’t.

Thanks Mark,

I’m going to call this solved now.