Some Libre Office questions- SOLVED

I have tried a few times to change the default font to Trebuchet ( can’t stand times new roman)- how’d I do it?

I had another question…but it escapes me right now- sure I will remember tomorrow!

Hi Melissa

Open Libre Office

From the top panel select Tools>Options

A dialogue box will open from the side menu click the arrow beside LibreOffice Writer

Select Basic Fonts (Western)

A dialogue box will open

Click the down arrow beside Default select your chosen font then click OK

Good Luck


Thank you Graeme.

Melissa, once you’re happy with a solution can you remember to mark topics as (SOLVED) please. :slight_smile:

Not yet Mark- I had another question- now I remember what it is! You know those arrows used in flow charts? There’s a tab on the ribbon called draw functions- I can’t figure out how to add the arrows and shapes etc to a document. I need them to create a flow chart for an assignment for a course I am doing.

Sounds like you’d be using Impress for that unfortunately it’s not something I ever use so I can’t be much help to you on that one, hopefully someone else more knowledgeable will chime in to help you

Until then have a look at this it might help


Good luck


You can add arrows etc to your document in Writer too.

Just click on the button on the toolbar, use the down arrow to expose the available palette, click on the desired icon (arrow) to make it the default on the toolbar. Then go over to the document area (the cursor will change to crosshair) click where you want the object to appear and drag to size it.
Hope that makes sense.

I will try it, sounds different to Windows- there one uses insert and they are the activated to click on and insert.

Ya- got it! Ta SeZo.