Some recent Ubuntu news.

Saw this on the BBC news website.

I do not like the sound of this, I use the classic desktop as it is all these interactive desk tops with icons are not for me.

It seems that Mr Shuttleworth has lost his sense of proportion, and his extreme plans, if true, fly in the face of the Linux ethos of a straightforward and very effective operating system.
I too prefer the Classic view without effects - it is much more intuitive than the bizarre choice of icons of the Unity desktop.
Any further “advances” and we shall have another Windows-like system.

Again, the media are attacking Linux. The HUD feature is actually an integrated part of Unity coming with Precise Pangolin and it will not replace anything. It’s actually kind of like KDE’s quick-search thing, only HUD can be triggered by hitting the ALT key and then typing something to search for.

So don’t be fooled into thinking this is something bad, just another piece of bloatware to shove into Unity.

Personally, I don’t see why they are doing it, because the dashboard has about as many lenses as my mum has odd socks. Which is a lot haha. You can use the dash for everything, so to me it’s rendered useless in a way.

I’ve been keeping on top of these development updates and so far, Precise is shaping up to be a pretty solid LTS, with a few very dodgey decisions by Mark and the design team though.