sony bravia

I have an Acer net book with Linux. I want to connect it to my Sony Bravia HDTV, model 32EX403. I have connected it using a VGA cable but I get a message - “no sgnal” I have been advised that I may require a new driver. I have no problem with my Technika HDTV. Any advice would be useful

What screen resolution are you running on the Acer, it might not not be supported by the Bravia.
try changing the screen resolution on the Acer.

BTW, if it displays correctly on a Technika HDTV, whoever told you it’s a driver issue… well lets just say it’s probably best to ignore any PC advice from them in the future.

Fyi; older Bravia’s VGA ports sometimes don’t play well with PC’s … I’ve an older 42" (5 yrs?) which really isn’t happy taking any sort of PC input … I can get a picture if I try but it’s not really usable. I’ve also a 40" KDL-40V4000, plugging in a PH1 (AMD version) works perfectly out of the box, subject to one change in the TV setup pages.

Sony added some stuff to their TV BIOS’s for helping PC’s connect … this manifests itself in the menus as a feature to control the borders, can’t remember off hand what the exact setting name is … but if you don’t have a Bravia with at least this level of functionality, you might be facing an uphill struggle.

Thanks guys. In Display Preferences it shows the screen resolution as 1024x600@60 . There dosn’t appear to be any way of changing it .
The tv is only 2 mths old. It is a new model which came out in March.

Ok the second trick, make sure you are using an Nvidia graphics card, the ATI cards (last time I tried) had real problems with big screens.

Can you give us the exact name and model number of your Acer netbook, so we can try to research supported graphics resolutions.

I think the graphics card is Intel 945 GME express integrated graphics controller (rev 03). TV size is 32"

Aspire One Model No ZG5

Hope this helps

Mmm, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be expecting great things here … I don’t support your netbook screen resolution is limited per-chance to 1024x600@60?
(in which case, there’s a distinct possibility the hardware may be tuned to this resolution!)

Im afraid it would seem MP is right, I can find nothing online about being able to change resolution on a ZG5 so it would appear the grapics hardware only supports 1024x600@60.
The only other thing I’ve spotted online is a few people who say the Bravia’s seem to be very sensitive to VGA cable length.
Ideally it would be nice to know exactly which resolutions the Bravia supports, but Sony don’t seem to advertise this.

thank for detail ;D

Just found from Sony that they support 1024x768. Any idea how I change the resolution ?

If your computers only supports 1024x600@60, that’s all the screen is going to receive in terms of signal … (!)

I did come across something online about someone who managed to force a 1024x768 resolution on a ZG5, but it didn’t display correctly on the monitor… it may even damage it.

Ah well…Thanks guys for your advice.