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A week or so ago the sound card packed up. The engineer put in another sound card but it don’t work with Linux, only windows. He came back today with a list of sound cards that he was advised on a Linux forum (I think a different forum) that should work, but he does not want to buy one in case it does not work and cant get his money back. He wants me to buy it. He said they are available on eBay. The list all Sound Blasters. X-Fi series; Elite Pro; Platinum; Faltalty; Extreme Gamer; and Extreme Music. Can you wiz kids tell me which one I should buy ?

Haven’t we already been over this ?

Have a look here:

According to the ALSA project, all of those cards use the emu20k1 chip … and all should work, but some of the advanced functions may not be supported

Thanks, yes its the same ongoing thing. Its getting the right one because some work with windows and not lLnux. I printed out the list… Dont really understand it but there’s one on eBay for £10 that is on the list the computer engineer gave me., so I’ll order that, it can be returned if it don’t work. I don’t know why they dont just have one universal sound card that works on everything.

Just got an email back. The sound card has just been sold. So the search is on again.

Just go to your local PC shop and ask him for a cheap £10 sound card, and ask if he’ll swap it if it doesn’t work with Linux

99.9% of them do

I really can’t see the point in buying one from ebay and risking it not turning up, or going through the hassle of postal returns, when your loacsal PC shop will have PCI sound cards for a tenner.

Hell he may even have a few second hand ones he’ll give you just to get rid of.

I’m told its an older sound card. I managed to get a Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI sound card for £17 which should work. Its returnable within 30 days. So we will see what happens next.

Why are you stuck on Creative cards ?

ANY cheap PCI sound card will do … as I said £10 or less at your local PC shop

I can’t for the life of me work out why you’ve asked for advice, then chosen to ignore it ?

You don’t ‘have’ to listen to me, but that’s my advice … I’ll step aside now and let others respond :wink:

Hi Bill

I just looked at the local PC store where I live and you can get a brand new sound card that I’m sure would work with Linux for as little as £6


Its not the intention to ignore advice, its the uncertainty of getting the right one. The computer shop near where I live is very limited in choice and could sell me something thats not suitable. The one that I have ordered is more likely to work, if it doesn’t, I can be sent back.

Most local PC shops will allow you to return something if it’s incompatible … as long as you keep the packaging.

That’s how small local shops survive … better service than the big guys, and return custom because of it … they’ll normally bend over backwards to help.

Hi Bill

Just out of curiosity what soundcard do you have installed now ?

if you’re not sure you can post the output

lshw -C multimedia

I don’t know. The sound card I am told by the computer engineer, is part of the motherboard. He told me its an old one and that I might be able to find one on eBay. I don’t really know much about these things and have to go by what he tells me and whatever information I can get as to the choice on the list that he gave me. All I can do now is wait for the sound card that has been ordered and see what happens.

So did the engineer remove the card he installed ?

@ Emegra

You might want to change the -c to -C in your previous command :wink:


Hmm … you can ignore that, it seems that -c works too

Though oddly the lshw man page doesn’t mention it :o

@ Goldtopia

Post the output Emegra asked for …

Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run:

sudo lshw -C multimedia

give it a while to complete … then post what’s returned in the terminal back here.

Hmm .. you can ignore that, it seems that -c works too

I changed it but I did test it before I posted but I didn’t want to contradict you :slight_smile:

I’d have sworn that didn’t used to work, and it’s not in the manual … maybe they’ve changed it without telling me, how dare they :slight_smile:


And if I ever say anything that’s wrong, please DO contradict me … that’s how we learn :wink:

And if I ever say anything that's wrong, please DO contradict me .. that's how we learn ;)

I think I’d have to be pretty damn sure of myself so I don’t think it’s something I’ll be making a habit of :slight_smile:

Am I that scary ? … GOOD :slight_smile:

Am I that scary ?

erm…yeah :slight_smile: