Sound issue in Game Fantastic Farm revised for mint 18.2 (Resolved)

I am using mint 18.2 64bit Cinereum

And yet again with a change to a newer version my wife’s favourite game has lost its sound.

Below is a link to how it was solved for mint 17.3 64bit mate.

I tried using the mint 17.3 fix but not working.

Any assistance welcome.

As in that link you said it was the “second” command that worked, run:

sudo updatedb



and if:-


isn’t listed in the output, you’ll need to install the 32bit version of libpulsedsp with:

sudo apt-get install libpulsedsp:i386

then try running:

bash -c "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pulseaudio/ /home/userone/fantasticfarm/'Fantastic Farm'"

and see if it works ?

If not, what was the output from that command ?

installing libpulsedsp:i386 32bit version did the trick so working fine now.

Thanks for the hint.

Glad I could help Tramlink :slight_smile: