Sound Issue Solved

Ubuntu 11.4 sound has suddenly reduced oly a few days ago it was set to only 60% and this was a good volume level. now even on max volume it is not at all loud.

Booted into Windows XP and it is working fine so something must have gone wrong with driver or software in Ubuntu 11.4

It is an on the mother board sound card CM6501.


Does this affect everything … or just in certain players ?

Hi Mark,

Sorted somehow the speaker slider in the ALSA Mixer had gone to almost zero. Pushed it back up to 75% and everything is back to normal.


Wonder what happened there then … but glad to hear you’ve solved it anyway :slight_smile:

What are you thanking me for … I didn’t do anything ???

Thanking you for being around and helping. :wink:

Ahh … OK, you’re welcome :slight_smile: