Sound options mint 13

I have mint 13 64bit on a Samsung R60 plus laptop.

It has Pulse Audio as the installed sound option but I find that with some programs the sound is choppy.

Are there any other 64bit options I can try for the sound drivers?

You could try using ALSA, but it’s not recommended. Are you running Mate or Cinnamon? Or something else?

Running Maya MATE 64bit

Are you sure this isn’t a resource shortage … sound and video are the 2 things that tend to be the most noticeable.

How is sound if you reboot, then do nothing except play the audio in question ?

The duel core CPU is only running at 40% load and I have 50% of the RAM remaining.

It could be the software the audio adapter is HDA- Intel - HDA-ATI SB

But it is strange that some files play just fine others don’t and Skype sound is OK after about 15 mins…

Has audio ALWAYS been iffy, or is this a recent development ?

Yes since I installed mint on the laptop about 4 months ago.

I opted to install the same OS as on my desk top system both 64bit mint 13 Maya Mate.

I want a stable system that I do not have to reinstall every year or so.

If I change the player that sometimes clears the problem.

And Skype audio clears after about 15 mins…

Just as a test, what happens if you rename the hidden “.pulse” directory ?

it’ll either be located at


So run these 2 commands (one of which will fail):

mv -v ~/.pulse ~/.pulse-old


mv -v ~/.config/pulse ~/.config/pulse-old

then log off/on again … the folder will be recreated.

Well that sorted all the problems except SKYPE sound if you click on the test sound button 10 times on the next time sound is normal.

That is so strange…

In Skypes Options > Sound Devices try removing the tick from “Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels”
(you may need to restart Skype after making the changes)

Did that make any difference ?

No this dose not solve the problem I always untick that box.

Has Skype always done this ?

Try renaming the hidden .Skype directory … this will get rid of you skype cofiguration, so have your login and password handy … but we can always renmae it back if necessary.


mv -v ~/.Skype ~/.Skype-old

Now fire up Skype.

Any difference ?

Now that seems to have cleared it but will wait untill the next cold start to see if it is fixed.

Has been OK for a few days then this morning the distorted sound returned when starting Skype.

Cleared after doing a sound test 6 times…

Have you seen this thread -

Although it refers to udev, rather than systemd, so may not be relevant nowadays…

Thanks for the help but as it is the only sound issue and it clears I will not take it further.

Thanks again…