Spell check not working

The spell check and grammar thing that would check and change spelling and grammar errors in Libre Office documents doesn’t work. Can anyone help me get it working please?

You know what I mean: like when I was typing up on my Chromebook a line would come underneath to correct a spelling ( which you could right click to change) and it also had the function you could get it to check a whole document.

Hi Melissa.

At the top of the Libreoffice Writer window there is the menu line (File Edit View Insert etc). Just below that there is one (or two) toolbar(s). Look along there till you see an icon with abc and a green tick under it, and another icon with abc and a red, wavy line under it, all in a white square. The second one toggles spellcheck (shows warnings) and the other one checks the document.
If the icons are not there let us know as they can be restored easily enough.


Thank you Keith. I’ll look for that when I next type up a document and let you know if it worked or not.

Yes I see it but when I click on the box it says the spelling is complete and does not check the document for errors.

I just tried it and had the same result. Then I noticed that the first line of the spellcheck box said: “Text language: None”. Changing it to English (UK) seemed to do the trick.
Let me know if that works.


English UK is not on mine, only English USA, and it won’t even let me tick that.

I tell you Keith my computer is driving me nuts lately.