sql database install problem

Hi All,
I am trying to install a film database file and have hit a problem. I have these instructions :-

Download the MySQL organizations’s sample database archive sakila-db.tar.gz from here. OK
Unpack the archive: OK
tar -xzf sakila-db.tar.gz OK
The above command will produce a new directory (sakila-db) containing three files:OK
sakila-db/sakila-data.sql OK
sakila-schema.sql OK
sakila.mwb OK but now I am stumped
In that new directory, run the mysql command-line interpreter: ??
mysql -p (password)
Now issue these instructions (green text to the right of the mysql prompt):
mysql> source sakila-schema.sql
mysql> source sakila-data.sql
If all the above instructions are carried out correctly, a new database named “sakila” will be present in your MySQL database list. The database contains a number of tables and views (“views” are described above in “MySQL Command Summary”) typical of a modern database.

The reader should feel free to experiment with this database, be willing to make mistakes, because the database can be easily restored from its source by repeating the above procedure.

  • In that new directory, run the mysql command line interpreter * is where I am stuck, I can run Terminal and get the mysql > prompt, I don’t know how to run it in a directory.
    Anyone any ideas ?

You should be able to open it in MySQL using (in the same folder as the file):

mysql sakila

If not, what error does it give?

Sorry, didn’t read the your post correctly. The database isn’t created yet, so from the MySQL prompt, run the following 3 commands in sequence:

source sakila-schema.sql
source sakila-data.sql
use sakila-db

This should connect to the newly created database. You mention that this is a sample database, so I’m not 100% sure how relevant this is…

Also, imo, it’s easier to manage databases via a GUI than command line /2cents

Thanks chemicalfan (again),
I got the base installed and used and it shows up ok.
This is a series of tutorials and it is being run from the Terminal. Its a base from mySQL used as a place to practice commands/searches etc.
I will try and find another tutorial using a GUI.