SSD (Solved)

After reading about the speed and durability of SSDs over their SATA HDDs cousins I thought it would be a good idea to check them out. I went onto Crucials website and tried to input my laptop without success. After several attempts I decided to contact them and received a reply that one cannot be fitted into my Satellite Pro L850 1DP but I can get an external one. I can see the advantage of an external one but thats not what I want, anyway it is what it is!


Well I have no idea which idiot you talked to at Crucial but he needs to be sent back to his previous floor mopping job at McDonald’s … If your Satellite Pro L850 is the same as the one in this video (?):-

then it most certainly CAN take an SATA3 SSD

as confirmed in this video

in fact it’s an easier swap out than most newer laptops.

Just get any SATA3 (sometimes written as SATA-III or similar) SSD … if unsure, find one you like and post a link back here and I’ll tell you if it’s compatible.

If you’re quick and the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals are still on, here’s as good a place to start as any
just make sure it’s an SATA SSD and not M.2 or NVMe.

Mark that is brilliant, you are a genius (and I`m not the only one to think that). The videos are pretty much the same as mine so I shall go ahead and get one.

Thank you ever so much,I will mark this as solved. 8)

How about this one Mark?


Yep, that’ll do the trick Tony :slight_smile:

Cheers Mark, have ordered it pronto. Thank you again.