SSHD prevents multiboot install of Mint Linux with Windows 10

Hello all
I am trying to install Mint Linux on my Dell laptop which already has Windows 10. After watching the video on how to multiboot with windows, I installed Mint Linux and it went okay. However, after reboot, I do not find any Linux entry in the boot loader. I saw the entry when I ran bcdedit.exe in windows but do not know why my system cannot find Linux.

Any help is welcome.,

Which version/architecture of Mint ? (eg. Mint 18 64bit)

And is your system UEFI or Legacy BIOS ?

Have you still got the Mint LiveUSB ?

If so, boot to it, then post the output from running these commands:

inxi -Fz


sudo fdisk -l


sudo blkid

I have the latest 64 bit Mint Linux on Legacy BIOS.
I still have it on my flash drive

I tried the 2nd and 3rd commands but it could not find the corrupted partition.