Stallman On the UK Digital Economy Bill

“When I read about Gordon Brown’s plan to give the UK more broadband, I couldn’t restrain my laughter. Isn’t this the same clown now busy circumventing democracy to take away broadband from Britons who already have it? And what good would broadband do them if they’re punished for using it (or even being suspected of using it)? Laying cables would be a waste of resources if people are not allowed to use them. Brown did suggest another possible use for broadband. He said that it would enable MPs to better communicate with their constituents and keep track of what they want.”


Mmm, I was watching CNN a couple of days ago (3rd Apr) and I noticed that they’d also spotted the April’s Fool that the Guardian online had done re; Brown’s new campaign strategy. Essentially the story was that Brown was using his reputation as a bit of a bully to portray himself as a bit of a hard-man for the people.

Unfortunately, the yanks either have no sense of humor, or didn’t spot that the date of the article was April the first … so of course they reported it as a real story! I’m afraid I had to do a double take on the calendar just to be sure they were serious, buy we were well out of the 2nd of April in every timezone!

So we had full coverage of all the spoof posters of Gordon looking hard with the slogans;

“Step outside Posh Boy”
“The Gordfather, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse”
“I took billions from pensions wanna make something of it?”
“Vote Labor. Or Else.”
etc …

And they seemed absolutely serious! Only in America!

Links are here for anyone who missed it;