starting problem

i got a new acer aspire …with linux linpus livecd edition ,i am not able to even get started …if i switch on it gives…[root@localhost /]# …and will be waiting for a commad or something …please help me…i have not even seen the desktop yet …

Hi akilmadupu, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

OK, this probably isn’t going to be what you want to hear but Linpus Lite 9.2 liveCD edition is seriously outdated and is no longer receiving any security or software updates … so even if you managed to get the GUI desktop to work (which googling suggests nobody has worked out) it would be a royal pain to get any modern software to work.

So … my advice would be to install a “real” Linux distribution such as (my favourite for a netbook) Peppermint 3:

or if you have plenty of RAM … Kubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support):

Kubuntu is “prettier” but heavier on system resources, Peppermint is light and very fast (which is why I prefer it) … if you decide to go for Kubuntu, my advice would be to get the 12.04 LTS release not the latest 12.10 release.

I can point you at a tutorial for installing Peppermint 3, but the instructions will be VERY similar for Kubuntu as they are both based on the same OS (Ubuntu 12.04)

Here’s the Peppermint 3 Installation Tutorial:

Unless your acer Aspire One is a AOA110 or AOA150 … SKIP stages 8 and 10
ie. DO NOT do:-
Stage 8 - Fixing the right hand card reader
Stage 10 - fixing the CPU fan

We’ll come to those later if they’re necessary, and once we have the exact model of your Acer Aspire One ?

If you have any questions … feel free to ask :slight_smile:

What is the exact model of your Acer Aspire One ?