startup error

Hi. On startup with Ubuntu I get an ‘error’ message. It does not seem to affect the PC running. Is it necessary to do anything about it?
I’ve attached a pix of the screen. No I haven’t…can’t see how to drag and drop an image.

Here’s one line: 0.102466)x86/cpu: VMX (outside text) disabled by BIOS followed by other lines, one of which is: 0.56904 ima: Error Communicating to TPM chip.

Many thanks.

Hello Chris - and welcome to the Forum.

Please read the advice to new members where you will be advised to include as much information about your query as you can - e.g. OS version, computer type & model, etc. This helps people to assess your problem in the proper context, and you will receive more replies to your posts.

You can’t drag-&-drop images or files - you have to attach them. Immediately under the text box where you type your post you can click on "Attachments and other options" to browse your system for things to attach, and other options. Attachments might have to be approved by a moderator, so be patient if they don’t appear immediately. Please, please reduce images to about 200kB or they might not be approved.

Re your problem " Error Communicating to TPM chip": Try enabling TPM from the BIOS setup. Have a look at this. A web search will find other sites on the same problem.

Re “VMX (outside text) disabled by BIOS”: This is also a BIOS thing. Go here for an explanation and solution.

I hope this helps.

Hi Keith.

Many thanks for your quick reply.
I’m one of those people whose mantra is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”, so I appreciate your comments. Once I start to fiddle with changing things I tend to cock things up.
So, best to leave well alone.
As long as the system works for me I’m happy.

I’ve even managed to use Photoshop with Wine!

I’m fairly new to Linux and how refreshing that I’m not up against a mammoth customer- steering organization.

Thanks again.


Found this explanation on line, after a quick read through your “best to leave well alone” policy is probably the correct way to go.

Hi Chris,

I'm one of those people whose mantra is: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!",
Broadly speaking I am one with you there, but I do have this habit of "fiddling" with the system. Usually everything is fine but I have come a croppper on several occasions. My "get-out" solution is always to perform a full back up before doing anything significant, then if the worst comes to the worst I can always re-install the OS.

Linux has lots of interesting features and I encourage you to learn some basic commands in a “terminal” window. You will find some info on that in the Guide to New Members. The main problem with terminal commands is that they are addictive! Have a go.

We hope to see you here often. Welcome to Linux.


Gaz - thanks for the interesting link.