Steam for Linux is now in Open Beta!!!

So I am downloading Team fortress 2 right now on my Peppermint 3 distro.

Note: if anyone is interest you have to use a ubuntu based distro. Debian may work but it is not guaranteed.

We can now start doing some main stream linux gaming. Who is in?

Also shall I put together a Linux forum UK group on steam so we can all play games together?



p.s. my steam account name is: GEARHEAD_TI

so feel free to add me :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes in Peppermint … I aint got the GFX card for games.

I got the Steam client working easily enough … but couldn’t really test Team Fortress II

Time to kill my GFX card. ;D

Hopefully the new GFX driver coming out of AMD and NVIDIA (hiss) should help the gaming on Linux push.

I will start a Linux Forums UK .org group tonight for those who are interested.

I am at work at the moment but does anyone know if there is a Team Fortress 2 Server application for linux?