Streaming from Ubuntu to Android.

Yes, it was inevitable that soon I would want to watch videos/movies on my phone. The problem is, I can’t find a single app that actually works.

I hear good things about VLC, which streams via rstp I believe, but I can’t find nothing about setting it up.

I’d like to setup streaming from both my home-server & my laptop, because I don’t always transfer the files from my laptop to the server.


Laptop: Ubuntu 12.04
Phone: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

See the last posting here:

That may give you a starting point … and setting up the minidlna server is on here somewhere.

Only problem with OpenVPN Settings is you need to have a rooted device, which I don’t… yet.

EDIT: Yeah I’m not going to root my device yet. It hasn’t been confirmed to work on a UK/EU device yet, and there’s still no rollback method either. Ugh.

It’s just a shame VLC-share is for Ubuntu 11.10 :frowning:

Sorry then, I know sod all about Android … :o

Ain’t your fault :slight_smile: You’ve given a possible solution, I just have to wait for my phone to be confirmed that it’s able to be rooted without bricking it. My mum wouldn’t be too happy if that did happen.

What worries me is, I’m trying to get Gmote to work, got both sides running, but the phone can’t detect my laptop even with the firewall disabled… I wonder just what my wireless adapters capabilities are.

Mini DLNA works fine with all my androids.
Galaxy S,S2 and S3

Are your galaxy’s rooted ? … and what d you use on them to view the stuff streamed through minidlna ?

Gonna take the plunge and root my S3 tonight.

I don’t know enough to advise one way or the other (not that you’re asking) … all I can say is if you decide to, “Good Luck” :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I keep saying in my head. XD

Nope, none of my devices are rooted, and I just use all share.

Thanks galaxytdm :slight_smile:


For future readers -

Installing MiniDLNA media streaming server in Ubuntu:

Then installing/using the free MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser as the Android client (available on Google Play):

Works just fine on my sons UNROOTED Android phone :slight_smile: