Subject: Installing Fonts in Peppermint

Where can I download some free fonts, and how do I install them in Peppermint 3 please? I downloaded a package from the software manager but forget the name- don’t think it installed new fonts anyhow. I like Victorian handwriting style fonts- these are for use on home made cards and documents.

I like these:

Download the ones you want then, and tell us when you have them

Just do a couple for now … so we can show you what to do

I have got two in my downloads folder Mark. On the Peppermint laptop tonight- watched Captain Kirk on the portable HD via VLC- worked well.

Run this command to create a hidden .fonts folder in your home folder (in case it doesn’t already exist):

mkdir ~/.fonts

Now open your home folder, by going to:-

menu > File Manager

In the Fiile Manager, click:-

View > Show Hidden Files

can you now see a folder called .fonts
(files and folders that start with a “.” are hidden by default)

Yes there’s a file called fonts.

Erm, let’s try that again …

is there a FOLDER called .fonts (ie. it must start with a .)

Sorry I meant folder. :-[

You still didn’t say if it started with a .

Anyway, mve the 2 files you downloaded into the .fonts folder, then send the output from:

ls -a ~/.fonts

Yes it does have a dot. Moved them.

ls -a ~/.fonts
. … måns-grebä
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

OK, really you just need to extract any files that end with .ttf from those 2 zip files into the .fonts folder … but probably easiest to do it this way -

Whilst in the .fonts directory, right-click on one of those .zip files, and select “Extract Here”

Then do the same with the other .zip file.

There should now be some files inside the .fonts folder that end with .ttf

You can delete all other files from the .fonts folder, leaving only the files that end with .ttf

Now open a terminal and run:

sudo fc-cache -fv

to update the font cache.

Now if you have LibreOffice open … close, and reopen it.

The new fonts should be available in the font list.


To install true type fonts …

a) put the fontname.ttf files in the hidden .fonts folder in your home folder.

b) run:

sudo fc-cache -fv

Thanks very much Mark- all working!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I will be dreaming about sudo again tonight ha ha.

Yeh, I get that … I now solve problems in my sleep.

How sad is that.

As long as you don’t dream about Microsoft… :wink:

What is a Microsoft ?

A computer nightmare… :wink: