suggestions for an email provider

Hi guys

I’ve just been informed by my email provider the they are shutting down and my business email address will no longer be valid from Nov 1st.

I seem to hear more and more bad reports about gmail privacy issues and as gmail is so big I’m unlikely to get the address I want and I don’t want hotmail because well it’s Microsoft

Any suggestions ?


Can’t really help you … Mad Penguin provides mine via Zimbra on his servers, so I have no idea what’s any good elsewhere.

From what I’ve seen, they’re all rubbish by comparison … but that doesn’t really help you now does it :frowning:


Nice of them to give you plenty of warning though ← sarcasm, in case you missed it :wink:

Have you thought to go down this route (what I have taken):
Sign up with a web hosting company
Register a domain (You get some free web space to put up a holding page for your website)
Create your e-mail addresses (linked to your domain)

Should you decide to move to different hosting then just transfer out and carry on as usual.

Have you thought to go down this route (what I have taken): Sign up with a web hosting company

No I haven’t for a couple of reasons first it’s just a small business I have and I don’t use email all that much (although I do need to have an email address) but it wouldn’t be worthwhile using a paid service and secondly I don’t want a webpage

Many thanks


I do not have a business but found it worthwile. (it keeps me in control-ish)
The cost is not prohibitive.
I pay (every 2 years) £7.99 for the domain name and (per year) around £40 for the hosting.
The webpage is just for holding the web address (it could say “under construction” etc) no meaningful info there,
or just a simple static page with contact info for your bussiness.
Since I have done that I ended up hosting a website for my daughter so it is not exactly wasted money either.
It also leves me in full control almost all aspects of the email (and web hosting).

I’m with SeZo on this…

Having your own domain not only leaves you in control, but

a) looks more professional … … particularly on signage and business cards
b) is easier for customers to remember … and pass on
c) having a website may not get you business directly, but again makes “word of mouth” easier for people to pass on … “I can’t remember the phone number, but just google gduncan-garage” kinda thing
d) allows you to have a catch-all email address, such as
e) allows you to give familuy members their own, such as chloe@gduncan…
f) as SeZo alludes, if the company doing the hosting goes under, you still own the domain … so you just move it to another host and keep the same addresses.

and all for less than a £1 a week

But your call.

Ok I’ll have a look at that if you can suggest any good hosting sites and i’ll start from there in the meantime I’ve created a Talk Talk account and I’m getting contacts changed over so I don’t lose anything

Many thanks


Dunno … ask these:

if the £1.95 a month is for 3 years … and make sure it includes wordpress and multiple email accounts.

a quick look suggests it does.

With wordpress you’ll be able to build your own site dead easily

But check how long that £1.95 term lasts for … as normal price is £5.99 which is a little expensive … but if that’s for 3 years …

It’s probably, if you pay up front now … you can have 3 years at that price … see here:

You can get hosting without php/sql database for £3 a month … but if I were you I’d want to be able to use wordpress.

You might be better off waiting to see who SeZo uses … as I now host my own, again thanks to Mad Penguin :slight_smile:

You might be better off waiting to see who SeZo uses .. as I now host my own, again thanks to Mad Penguin
I am using Eukhost Shared hosting.

Yeah, that £3.33 a month Linux basic seems reasonable

Unless you’re gonna go nuts with file space.

I’ve been with Gmail and Hotmail for many years. Google have destroyed theirs. The latest incarnation is abysmal. Hotmail not so bad. I have a hosting company for my business and even they mangaged to lose 3 months emails to the black hole.

I use Talk Talk Graeme and have always been happy with the service,


I have signed up with Gmail over the summer (just for the duration while my daughter was backpacking in South America) and was collecting my e-mails via Thunderbird. No hassle there. Otherwise I would never entertained to trust Google.