????????????????????? Swap.

Hi guys now i’m still using Lucid Lynx and as normal (for me anyways) i have under memory/CPU heavy loads, and noticed i have a 4612MB swap file which is not being used, surely the kernel should be using this??? Instead of using my ram… another thing i’ve noticed is that i have 2gig of ram and my swap file is twice the size surely they should be equal in size or am i missing something… Even after disabling compiz and all other none important programs the memory load still sits idle at 500 - 600meg. I know this is an issue with Lucid at present and i should follow Mad Penguins advice and reinstall karmic, but i just can’t let this go its bugging me…

Cheers WG.

Your memory usage is nothing excessive these days. With just Xfce and PaleMoon running in PCLinuxOS, I’m using 673 MB.

You don’t want to be using swap unless the memory runs out, since it obviously slows down your computer. With a small memory, it’s a matter of balance. If there’s a lot of free RAM, then using it for buffers and caches makes the computer more responsive, but enabling that by using swap means you loose on the swings what you gained on the roundabouts.

A swap of twice the size of the RAM is a traditional setting that few ever think about changing. If you are going to use it for hibernation, then it needs to be slightly larger than that. Otherwise, I GB is sufficient unless you are trying to do something like video editing on an under-sized computer.