Switching Hosts...which ones work with Linux?

So…I have been using the same host for years and NOW they tell me that my site builder is incompatible with every browser except Internet Explorer.

I have installed the said browser but it does not work,just stays frozen, which is why I switched to Firefox in the first place.

I know this probably sounds like a rant…I don’t see why, when I went to the trouble to switch to Ubuntu, that website hosts still haven’t moved on from expecting all their clients to be using IE!!

Please…is there anyone out there who can recommend a website host that is not stuck in the dark ages and has a site builder that works with Firefox/chromium/whatever.

(Fed up and unable to work until this is sorted…it’s a bit difficult running an on-line business without a website that works) :cry:

Ever considered using something like wordpress to build your own site … then you could edit it from any PC anywhere.

You’d just need to find a host that will set up a wordpress instance for you … then edit it to however you want it from any web browser on any PC.

Thanks for the reply. I work in Affiliate marketing and I am not allowed to use the marketing banners with Wordpress or any kind of blog or social networks.

I set up my own site for my affiliate business back in 2006 and have been able to only work on my site once in a while due to the site builder compatibility issue. On any given day it works with Firefox/Chrome or it doesn’t. I have no idea when I go on-line whether I can work or not.

If I don’t find a suitable site host soon I might have to give up work and start busking…lol

Qordpress was orignally designed as “nlog” software, but you don’t have to allow other people to comment, so can be used for building sites.

Anywho … are you saying your hosts site builder only works with IE when “building” the site … but the site (once built) displays OK in other browsers ?

Uf so, how about IE6 in WINE … or a Windows virtual machine ?