Switching to windows - Help needed!!!!!!!

Is it possible to switch to windows xp instead of using Linux. I have a cd with xp on & have read up on how to do it but wondering if anyone has tried this before. I’m completely fed up not being able to download stuff & upgrade things like Firefox & Adobe etc. Any help gratefully received!!!

On what hardware… Depending on the hardware it is normally possible to move to Windoze, but most people here would consider that a backwards step, so you are probably asking in the wrong place.

If you ask for help with your Linux difficulties, we will be more than happy to help, but you are asking a Windoze question in a Linux forum.

If I were you I would persevere with Linux and learn how thing are done… It’s really not that hard… rather than go back to the world of Malware, Viruses, Expense, and Proprietary format lock in… In the end you WILL be glad you did.

However (!) you should be aware that most PC’s (when supplied with Windows) come with a CD that is specific to the motherboard in that machine which contains drivers for the specific components (sound etc) on that motherboard. If you don’t have this CD, obtaining these drivers from the net is doable but can be tricky and error prone.

(free driver downloads are a great place to embed trojans for example)

In short, it’s likely that you will have to work quite hard to get all add-on’s working…(i.e. networking, sound, accelerated graphics etc …)
[although these are generally built into Linux, this isn’t the case with Windows]

Just to add-on from Mad Penguin’s post always check manufactures website for drivers before using any other site. Theres a little program i use to find out what hardware im running called hwinfo32 im not sure if they do a linux version but im pretty sure they will have an equivalent program for linux somewhere.

Well, note first than generally Linux doesn’t need such a program … :wink:

Without knowing what the Windows program gives you specifically, I’d be inclined to think “lspci” and “lsusb” would be the Linux commands you’re looking for :slight_smile:

hwinfo32 gives you hardware model numbers & mobo chipsets also helps if you forgotten what cpu socket you have just saves ripping computer apart to find out, also allows you to do diagnostics. Doesnt stop at mobo tho gives info on all hardware thats in your system.

heres the website http://www.hwinfo.com/

it has usb and pci buses its a lot more detailed then the linux commands listed above

Similar to this?


AKA ‘System profiler and benchmark’ or ‘Hardinfo benchmark’ in the Ubuntu/Mint menu