Symbolic linked file

I need to find the source of the symbolic linked file in linux home dir.

I am really struggling to understand but need to submit it really soon

Okay let’s say the symbolic link is in your home folder, and is called “mylink” … open a terminal and run:

ls -l ~/mylink

the output should show where the symlink points to.

Thanks, sorry but im not sure what my home folder is?

my line before I enter code looks like

You are already in your home folder
represents your home folder in a command path

or you could enter the FULL path which in your case will be

they both mean your home folder.

You could just run:

ls -l ~/

which will give you a long listing of ALL home folder contents … then look through the output for the symlink.

Thanks, I have the list, but how do I know which one is the symlink?/the source of it?

Edit: I got it actually thanks !!!

sorted then ?