Guys see the taskbar at the top of my Peppermint laptop ( on screenshot)? I think that’s what you call it. It shows file edit history etc.

That is not on my Mint netbook. How’d I put it on?

Also, remember my post on VLC? This is what used to show at the top when I played a video, so I could access Firefox/internet, pause video whilst it is on if I needed to. Now, it isn’t on there when I watch VLC. I’m talking about the laptop when I mean that. Not got VLC on the netbook.

Hope you aren’t getting confused with two distros and two computers. I know I am LOL.

The place I volunteer at- I’ve been talking about Linux- they think I’m technical cos I use Linux. I said noooo- I’m always asking the Linux community stuff lol.

That’s the Firefox menu bar.

In firefox, hit these keys in this order

Awesome- cheers Mark!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If the same thing s happening in VLC

No menu bar, and no controls at the bottom of screen … try hitting
in VLC

Hitting it a second time will take you back to where you started

Awesome, will do that next time I am using VLC.