tell me what you prefere and why

i seen a few linux out there, im guessin there just basicly different skins,
which do you vote Best and what reasons do you vote it best.

answer indetail and if i am wrong about skins, ok, corrrect me and carry on with the which is best :slight_smile:
i burnt my cd uburnu with alchaol120 and its workign on boot not done anything yet

ones i know of atm :S


It’s a bit more complex than “just skins”… thinks about it like this… a Linux distribution is comprised of a few “components”

  1. the Linux kernel… will be the same on all distributions, though the kernel version will vary.

  2. the GNU Toolchain… will “pretty much” be the same for all distro’s, though whats included by default may vary.

  3. X (or X11)… nowadays pretty much the same for all main distro’s.

  4. a Desktop Manager, such as GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE etc. there are many to choose from (I’ve only listed the main 4) and each distribution “chooses” one as its default, but they are interchangeable and you can have more than 1 on your system at once.

  5. the choice of pre-installed software and drivers (and whats available in the default repositories)… drivers - some distributions won’t (by default) include any proprietary drivers (non OSS), software - there is a MASSIVE collection of software available for Linux, so you will find the included software will vary from distribution to distribution but there is as a general rule no reason why you can’t install whatever you want on any distribution.

OK, My vote goes to Linux Mint.
Why - It’s based on Ubuntu so Ubuntu’s vast support knowledge base and available pre-packaged software will all work/apply to Mint too… but it comes with a few extra things included by default such as more pre-installed codecs, support for encrypted DVD’s pre-installed etc., but all these things can easily be installed in Ubuntu. It IMO has a slightly easier interface for Windows users to get to grips with and the “Mint Menu” is better than Ubuntu’s, and like Ubuntu it uses the GNOME desktop (I can’t get on with KDE4)… but it’s all a matter of opinion, what suits me may not be what you’re after, the point is that there are loads of distro’s for you to choose from and they all can be customized… Linux is all about choice.

so i take it i can swap from mint to a diff one if i wanted easy right??

Creating a seperate partition for /home would help, but if there was nothing you needed to keep… Yes

sobasicly if i wana swap from mint to ubuntu…its a reformat?

as each KDE/mint/ubuntu/gnome are all linux but different style OS just the same as 98 xp ME vista and 7??
im using th gpartition taking it mint has it from basic it seems to be run on ubuntu but with upgrades

am i right?

but then

If you are trying to set up a dual-boot environment between Ubuntu and Mint, the installer will give you the option to import your documents and settings from the first operating system installed on the computer. It is not clear to me if this option is also available if you are trying to dual-boot between Ubuntu/Mint and any other operating system or if it is only available between Mint and Ubuntu.

is in mints instalation guide… why woudl you dual boot 2 linux??

if you keep all your user files on a seperate partition /home, you wont have to format that partition when changing distro’s though you may have some configuration issues.

KDE and GNOME are NOT Linux distibutions… read the above links.

Swaping between Mint and Ubuntu should be easy if you keep /home on a separate partition… Mint IS Ubuntu, just configured slightly differently.

There are many reasons people might want to dualboot different Linux distro’s which may or may not apply to you… ask yourself why someone would dualboot XP/Win7.

Different configurations
One KDE, one Gnome (without both sets of libraries loaded in one)
Different software available in the repo’s
User ‘A’ might prefer openSUSE, whilst User ‘B’ prefers Ubuntu, and user ‘C’ just to be awkward as is usually the case, wants Arch but with the E17 desktop :slight_smile:

aaah i see now damn this stuff gets deep doesnt it lol,
so i need basicly to choose im using xp for games where as im guessing from reading, other users may use say mint for the kids and missus, and then maybe gnome for web design etc so they got different jobs kinda liek home and pro,

well i burnt the mint iso on disk, and i am going to instal that alone, get used to it over the week, and then when im familiar chek the others out too,

i can instal mint and then do my xp, on the 200, and save all my data into the 200, keeping the 80 clear for any distros i get on mint etc,
and then in few weeks just instal over the 80gig mint, with what ever i choose,
from when i partitioned my xp, and redid windows partition, i could not see my d drive in start bar non progams showed unless i went in d drive manual starting them,

there a way aroudn this config error when i do it?

otherwise do you think i have got it clued up or i missing something stil lol :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx for your patience btw, payday i wil be donating for you guys if i can somehow :slight_smile: you deserve it

Are you saying Windows can’t see the Linux partitions/drive… this is normal, but Linux will be able to see them all, Windows partitions/drives included.

Or are you saying Windows can’t see an NTFS or FAT(32) partition?

Or are you saying that you had some Windows programs installed to a differnet partition (D:) and after formatting the C: partition they are no longer available in the start menu?.. Windows won’t magically know where they are… half of them probably won’t work at all, as any DLL’s they installed will no longer be in the system32 directory and the registry won’t contain any entries for them… only solution is to re-install them over the top of themselves, but please keep in mind this is a Linux forum and not a Windows one… Windows support solutions will need to be found elsewhere unless they are directly Linux related such as dualbooting, networking, migration, etc.

yes was chekin if it would be the same as before on my windows c:win and d:apps etc when error on c i formated win over it and then cant see progs from D unless i go my comp ddrive etc,

was chekin if when i instal another linux over mint if my gpartition for win will show my progams stil in linux start bar(the progams i will be instaling for linux on ddrive like i was told to)

but your first line says that linux will be able to stil see them,
so this is a bonus from win to win being so complicated on terms i would have thaught M$ would have covered lol for me :slight_smile:

was only wondering how much effort it will be to do other linux’s over linux lol

i got my answer from you :slight_smile: thanx goin to remove files i found on the drive and do it NOW i will post when complete :stuck_out_tongue:

No you’re getting it wrong…
If your 200gb drive is partitioned as C: and D: and you had Windows apps on the D: partition, and you formatted C: and reinstalled Windows to it… you will now have no option other than to install any apps you had on the D: partition of the 200gb drive again.

Linux, when put on the 80gb drive will be able to “see” both partitions on the 200gb drive, and even read and write to them, but it’s not going to list any Windows apps in its menu’s, and its not going to run your windows apps.

Am I right in thinking your 200gb drive has 2 partitions… both for windows?
one with Windows folder (and other folders)?
and one with Program files folder (and maybe others)?

Put simply… when you installed a Windows app to the D: partition, Most (but not all) of the program went on the D: drive, but any DLL’s went in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and some entries where made in the Windows Registry (also stored on C:) and shortcuts were also created on the C: drive… when you formatted C:, all of that lot were lost… to replace them you will have to reinstall any apps you have on the D: partition.

I never mentioned anything about putting Linux on the D: drive… I was quite specific in saying to put Linux on the 80gig drive and to leave Windows as it was.