Text enlarger for my Netbook

I am having great trouble reading and typing on this tiny netbook, whose screen is less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. I of course zoom the text but then it goes off page and I cannot see a whole sentence and have to keep sliding back and forth. Is there any way to get the text to be large and keep it as a normal page? I have looked on ebay for a screen magnifier but they only have ones for mobile phones and then there is only software for the partially sighted! They need a CD anyway and there’s no CD drive on this netbook. My Chromebook has died and this is now the only computer I have and I have to do a lot of reading and typing ( as I have to do hours of job search and applications daily as I’m signing on the dole). I’m getting eye strain and headaches from struggling on this tiny screen.

Are we talking about in Firefox ?

Firefox is my browser yes, every web page is too small. Libre office not too bad as can put the font to 16/18 and it doesn’t go off the page. I’m getting eye strain tyring to read web pages.I will just have to not eat for a whole month and get a second hand laptop this weekend. Can’t stand much more of this. Oh if only my Chjromebook hadn’t died… :cry:

So can’t you just zoom the page in FF ?

Ctrl++ = enlarge

Ctrl± = shrink

Or you can hold the Ctrl key and zoom in/out with the mouse scroll wheel

Yes but the text whizzes off the page! I have to side scroll to see a complete sentence!

This was not so in the Chromebook. It would zoom in properly and show me complete enlarged text without it going off the pages. Oh how I miss it, sigh…

Okay try this…

In Firefox, go to:-

Edit > Preferences > General (tab)

And you should see something like

Language and Appearance
fonts & colours
Default Font: Default (DejaVu Serif) Size: 16

change the “Size: 16” to something larger, such as 20 (or whatever suits)

Test on a website in another tab.

Done that, to 22. Some web pages are still veering off and I still have to use the grey scroll bar at the bottom of the screen- this site is one of them! My mother told me to look for a screen magnifier, but I’ve had no luck finding one.

Maybe it’s a FF version thing … changing the font size in FF56 on my machine doesn’t make the page any wider.

Possibly. Anyhow I’m now surfing on the Chromebook again Mark. It was fixed! :slight_smile:

Great stuff :slight_smile:

Yes! It is fast and the lightest laptop I’ve ever had. Love how I can close its lid if I’m going to have a shower, cook or pop out to the shops for 30 mins and then come back and open its lid and it will be right there. I hardly even need to log out- just tend to do that overnight. Even then it boots up in seconds.

Just to add to the good advice here,Ive always used an addon called nosquint first in firefox ,and now in palemoon browser.I believe nosquint is now called nosquint plus.It has the ability to enlarge just text or globally.It is also available for chrome and opera.Ive also started using softmaker freeoffice ,in place of libre which I find a little more friendly on the large font size without losing focus