Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here that has helped me over the time I have been a Linux User, your efforts are not in vain, I am really pleased to say that I have just managed to replace Peppermint 5 with Peppermint 6 on my dual boot desktop, booted to Live CD, ran Gparted, deleted the pep 5 partition, left the unallocated space on the HDD, installed, updated, upgraded etc and booted, all went fine… then I went into Chromium and suddenly the cursor froze and the screen became full of zigzag lines. I remembered when I installed Ubuntu 14.04 in 2014 that I had a lot of problems, well I found the topic on here (it ran to 5 pages) and am delighted to say that having read through it was able to use the relevant parts to change the graphic drivers and Peppermint 6 is now running alongside Ubuntu 14.04 on both my laptop and Desktop.
So it shows that some of it goes in eventually, and its worth sticking at it. It feels really good to sort out a problem yourself for once>

Thanks everyone,


Well done, it’s a good feeling innit :slight_smile:

Dunno :-[ I seem to need help on a regular basis

Yes, Mark, it is a great feeling, it shows that we can all learn a bit as we go along, who knows, one day I might even be able to help someone else.

Degsy :slight_smile:

You did well there Degsy! :slight_smile: