THAT language question

Hi all,

I currently code in PHP and MySQL etc.

I need a new challenge because frankly I want to be able to explore the possibilities outside of a web browser in a better way.

I know that this a question with no definitive answer but, my goals are really to code Linux/Windows GUI apps to support some of my own web-based projects - drawing them down into a tablet/pc/mac/linux platform.

At 42 I want a new project so, which language would be best to learn for someone from a PHP, Shell Script and ollllldddd VB background?

C++, Java, C#, a n other?

Thanks for any comments and I don’t want to start a language war on my second post lol.


I’m no programmer, so maybe best to wait for one … but whenever/wherever I’ve asked that question, the answer has always come back as a resounding PYTHON.

Not an expert in this but (after a long round-robin between C# Java Mono C++) I ended up using Qt with C++ (with Qt Creator IDE).
You write one set of code and compile on the destination platform. The platform may be Windows or Linux (not tried Mac).
Also there is PyQt for Python.

Hey thanks for the quick replies - appreciated :slight_smile:

Python is an interesting one to consider - I shall have a look at it over the weekend in more depth.

SeZo, I had thought around a few languages as mentioned but kept coming back to C++. Am I right in thinking that Java is related stylistically to C or did I dream that?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Beware that tablets use Objective-C (iPad), HTML/“Java” (Android), or I think .NET/HTML5 (Windows RT). So, you’ll need to be versed in all to make true cross-compatitible apps. But cut your object-orientated teeth on Python, its friendly :slight_smile: