The Gimp and Ufraw

When I open an old RAW file in Ufraw and adjust I then click the Gimp icon in the bottom right hand corner, Gimp attempts to load but then stops and says this

Opening ‘/tmp/DSC_0005.NEF_Y7RALV.ufraw’ failed: Could not open ‘/tmp/DSC_0005.NEF_Y7RALV.ufraw’ for reading: Unknown reason

Any suggestions?

I take it you installed the gimp-ufraw package ?

sudo apt-get install gimp-ufraw

“take it you installed the gimp-ufraw package ?”

I installed the Gimp then Ufraw is that all I need to do?

The GIMP has a plugin called gimp-ufraw, which might sidestep the need for ufraw as a standalone package, and allow direct importing of RAW images into the GIMP

You might also want to install the gimp-plugin-registry, gimp-data-extras, and gimp-gmic packages for extra funtionality in the GIMP

ALL of these can be installed from Synaptic, or with:

sudo apt-get install gimp-ufraw gimp-plugin-registry gimp-data-extras gimp-gmic

gimp-ufraw package description from synaptic reads -

This is a graphical tool to import raw data from high-end digital cameras into the Gimp.

The Unidentified Flying Raw (UFRaw) is a utility for converting and
manipulating raw images from digital cameras. It can be used as a
stand-alone tool or as a Gimp plug-in, and images can be batch
processed using the command-line interface. UFRaw reads most existing
raw formats using Dave Coffin’s raw conversion utility DCRaw, and it
supports basic color management using Little CMS, allowing the user to
apply color profiles.

HI I used Gimp-Ufraw plugin…works a treat, thanks again.