The Guardian != Neutral

Nice to see the Guardian being impartial:

I like the guardian’s style of writing. I read their paper, visit their website, and use their iPhone app.

Today, I saw this advert:

The feature they’re making the most of is a rip-off adaptation of a feature Firefox has had since version 1 (not mentioned); won’t work on Linux or Macs machines (not mentioned) and the verbiage seems to be clear-cut marketing speech with no mention of any alternatives or downsides.

In the article they’ve mentioned that Internet Explorer has been the Market Leader since it’s launch. What they didn’t mention, is the reason it became the market leader. Microsoft abused it’s monopoly position, as confirmed here:

Why not a guardian article, you may ask? Perhaps the tone of this blog would give you a hint, with the negativity detectable in the tone of the author:
Microsoft has started rolling out its browser ballot | Microsoft | The Guardian ?


IMHO , all newspapers can be bought if you have enough money.

I see no other explanation for this and other posts that appear frequently, check out this similarly FUD’y posting on the Reg;

With the lead;
“Many Android users are finding their shiny new handsets almost impossible to use due to a plethora of issues needing ridiculous workarounds, from creating and deleting multiple cloud accounts to repeatedly hard resetting.”

What ?!