The problem with hadware keyboards Resolved

Dear all,

I have a novotech 7" tablet running android 4.3 operating system.

We decided that if your going to write documents on it then you need a keyboard.

So we bought a combined Min-keyboard (USB) which is seen by the tablet OK and is English (UK layout ).

However, the operation of the keys is as from a French keyboard… I have changed languages and layout to English UK and still the keys provide the French layout.

I also downloaded a Keyboard software package smart Keyboard selecting it in settings and again selecting English UK this provides me with a UK keyboard on screen but still a French keyboard with the hard keyboard.

It is not the Keyboard as connected by main computer USB keyboard and got the same problem.

Any suggestion would be appreciated…

See if this helps:

Thanks for the suggestion yes I have tried this but changing the language and keyboard layout makes no difference. The Q, A, Z and W keys all produce another letter…

The on screen keyboard is working just fine but try typing even a page of text…

I don’t know enough about android tablets to offer any advice … maybe someone else will jump in.

One has just arrived from ebay. I will have a play later and see if I have the same problems.

Thanks out of interest here is the novotech website

They sent me the wrong keyboard! Mini usb instead of micro. So I cant test it yet.

OK so your be needing an adaptor…hope you get it working soon…

The issue has been resolved by use of the following App “External Keyboard Helper” there is a free demo mode that lets you test if it fixes your problem before buying.

Since installing no problems.

Thanks to all.

Cheers for the update … my son’s just bought a Nexus 7, so who knows this may come in handy at some point.