The world is full of idiots...

Just shut down someone trying to abuse the forums … now first of all, a brute force attack against a free forum … WTF?! … second, what sort of brain dead idiot runs a flat out brute-force attack that generates 100% CPU load on 4 cores and expects not to get noticed ?!

Anyway, if you’re reading this from Russia and’ve had to wait for a new dynamic IP to get back in and see this, it would’ve taken a number of years at the rate you were going … seriously, if you’re going to mess with this stuff have a crack at the Kremlin, I hear they’re giving away huge prizes to people who can break through their security!

And the comical component, he was trying to mask his identity by changing browser strings between attempts … to make it look like lots of different browsers … however all using the same IP address at the rate of a 1000 a minute is a bit of a give-away … :o

Obviously he doesn’t have a scooby what he’s doing then, if anything you mask your IP through multiple proxies before attacking a site. What an idiot.

Damn that made me laugh ;D

Well, if he’s stupid enough to do what he’s done, you never know … ;D

Gonna have to keep my eye on Pravda now (if it’s still going) :wink: