There are somethings I can't live without...

I recently partitioned my HDD and installed Mint (Fantastic!). I was using Vista before >:(. Whilst it was c**p, there is some software that I can’t live without. iTunes to name one. Will iTunes run on Mint? Would my library migrate to Mint? And how does that work? Any other bits of info regarding this would be fantastic.

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Simple answer… No… Sorry.

There was an earlier version, iTunes 7.2 (and maybe 8.) that could be made to run in WINE

Why do you need iTunes?

Depending on what you want it for, there are alternatives

Also see:

Here’s how to make iTunes 7.2 (and possibly 8.), run in WINE in Ubuntu 10.04/Mint 9, but should be similar for other distro’s:


Hi Mark
Thanks for the lightening response. To answer one of your questions, “Why do I need iTunes?”: My music collection is quite eclectic and has taken yonks to gather (Sad, I know). I don’t want to lose any of it during migration/convertion if at all possible. I know there is an alternative to almost all software. What would happen if I downloaded any one of the alternatives and plugged in my iPod? Would my stored music be converted to suit the App. or vice versa? I think I may have to remain tied to vista if only for iTunes.


Install Banshee, then follow these instructions to import your iTunes Library:

Leave them on the Windows directory till your happy everything worked :wink:

I’m not 100% sure, but Banshee seem to say it will…

BTW, as far as I know there is no CONVERSION involved as banshee can play AAC format.

Thats the news I was waiting to hear! Many thanks, Mark. I’ll give it a try.

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I would strongly recommend you plug your iPod device into ONE synchronisation application only. I’ve seen a (full) 30G device that was being used with gtkpod (quite successfully!) plugged into a Windows box / iTunes in order to download / install new music. It looked quite happy, gave no warnings (I was supervising) and merrily proceeded to wipe the entire device.

Windows is evl. iTunes is Wndows.

You have been warned! :wink:


Well. Someone changed the record I was dancing to! Right then. So, I either migrate fully OR face the possibility of losing the lot :(.
This is a tough decision. I will give it plenty of thought before choosing. I suppose the cowards way out is to stick with Mint for everything except iTunes through Vista (Grrrrrrrr!). But, maybe the safest option for now. Until there is a solid conversion available. It will come. I have no doubt. But, when…

Many thanks guys. As usual the answers are never far away.

Worth remembering; OS people want you to use whatever you want to use, and will try to help you. Close Source people (Windows, Apple etc) want you to use their products and if you decide to do something else, will stick their legs out as you walk past (!)

[ok, that’s putting it politely, some will dig man traps and others will lay anti-personnel mines, but you get the point … :wink: ]

As it was iTunes that formatted the iPod I’m guessing it’s Apples way of saying stick with iTunes or else (don’t come back)… so I wouldn’t hold your breath… any “solid conversion” (which there probably already is) could easily be undermined by Apple with a new iTunes version.

So you’re probably right, until Apple decide to stop playing silly buggers (heh, yeh right), unless you’re positive you aren’t going to want to re-sync with iTunes, you’re always going to be at risk of loosing any new music.

Mmm, there “was” a working iTunes connector for Linux … until Apple specifically disabled the functionality in iTunes that enabled it to work …

Nightingale, a fork of the hugely popular Songbird project is due for release… Coming Soon, according to their website.

Nightingale appears to use the Songbird Addons, two of which are the iPod Device Support and iTunes Library Importer.

For further information (including why Nightingale and not Songbird):

Mmm… from memory (!) I think Songbird is written “inside” Firefox … i.e. they took the firefox shell and turned it into a multi-media application rather than a browser. I did try it at one point and it “looked” good (because the looks came from FF) but in the end I discarded it due to a number of ‘shortcomings’. (i.e seemed rather fond of memory for a start) Unless I’m thinking of something else …

Maybe ‘nightingale’ because they’ve discontinued ‘songbird’?

I’m thinking maybe they had to switch up to a newer revision of FF which meant a fair sized rewrite ???

Yeh, looks FF based… Nightingale because Songbird has dropped the Linux version >:( … so the community has forked it :slight_smile:

Well. FREEDOM to choose, FREEDOM to intergrate, are not big corporate values. One day, probably the day after hell freezes over, there will be footprints in the snow. Hopefully in the form of a certain penguins feet!!! :slight_smile: With computers being such an integral part of everyday life, users are becoming wiser to other means of “computing”. OPENSOURCE. Maybe not fully single minded machines. But at least partitioned machines with the “option to choose”. Maybe it’s not the finishing line, but at least we’re walking towards it!!


Mmm, I think the corporates are way ahead of the game, and so are many large countries … it is, notably, SME’s and the US/UK who are falling behind the times. Take a look at China, India, Brazil, Germany and even our friends across the stream, their governments have all made (and some quite a while ago) strategic decisions to go down the Open Souce route. (I’m sure you’ve heard of “Red Flag” Linux? :slight_smile: )

I guess this is my question / worry; when the US and UK are the only two countries left using Windows, will it be too late to switch?

Heck, Oracle switched 4000 programmers to Linux in 2004/5 and rumour is ~ 10,000 in total. IBM put in a $2Bn chip building plant back in 2006 (?) which was entirely powered / automated by Linux, to get a new “Windows” workstation at Google you now need approval from a top executive (i.e. Linux/Mac is the standard), etc etc … I even found an article recently about the Chinese government enforcing the removal of Windows from Chinese machines.

To the people in power;

“Hey guys, do you remember back in 1994 when I said you needed to start investing in the Internet otherwise we’d all get left behind? Well …” :wink: