This request on a bike forum made me laugh

just had an order at work to build 25 heaters for this

it is owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, more info here

this is where you come in, I need to find ways of getting apple references onto the units without being blindingly obvious like labelling them all iheaters, plus a few Microsoft quirks like making it difficult to turn the units off, and where we fit thermal overheat cutout switches instead of putting PRESS TO RESET I want to put do you really want to reset are you sure Y/N

SGS 2 and Tapatalk are awesome.

Dude needs to attach an end user license agreement that forbids transfer of the heaters to anyone else, and make them stop working if the Yacht ever undergoes any other customisation or has it’s name changed.

Or limit the amount of people that can be heated at any one time without paying extra.

Or state that every few years they have to completely change where the controls are … and hide any controls that do anything but basic things such as on/off

Or have a custom switch that won’t allow third party fuel to be used

You could go on forever with this :slight_smile: