Three files showed the locked icon in a transfer flash drive..?

Running Windows-10 occasionally exclusively for internet, and running Linux Mint 19.3 in a Toshiba Tecra notebook…

I was playing in YouTube with the W-10 surface notebook in some anti-china activism videos and blogs. When finished, I inserted a USB Flash to clear the new data from the OS to transfer it to the external hard drive back-up with the Linux computer, when I noticed three of the 16 files in the Flash had a locked icon. They wouldn’t open with libre-writer. I deleted them, formatted the Flash, and reloaded them to the flash from W-10, is when they loaded clean without the locked icon.

There have been a few times that happened in external hard drives before I was using only Flashes for data transfer. Those times everything got locked up, a hundred thousand files lost, but I had several clean backups, so I really lost nothing, not even a pixel of my prized data. I reformatted those troubled locked hard drives, and reloaded them, and everything was back to good and normal.

What causes that locked files glitch? Is that some sort of a google bullying hack thing? Is it exclusive to Windows OS’s? How do I prevent it from happening? If I had have transferred those locked files to an external hard drive would they have infected locked-up all that hard drive’s files? Is that locked file thing some sort of a virus bug?

Hello Elixxer - and welcome to the Forum.

The exact sequence of events is not clear from your description, but it does seem that you are leaving yourself open to problems by:
a) using Windows to access the internet, which is generally felt not to be the most secure of operating systems, and
b) accessing anti-China activism videos and blogs via Youtube.
It’s not clear either if you are running Windows and Mint on the same computer as a dual boot, or you have separate computers.

In my limited experience, files are only locked by the application that creates them, and not a “google bullying hack thing”. Youtube is owned by Google so might well object to users copying files.
" Is it exclusive to Windows OS’s?" - Probably not, but I haven’t had such problems with Linux, except when pulling out a USB sick before un-mounting it.
You ask: “If I had transferred those locked files to an external hard drive would they have infected locked-up all that hard drive’s files?”. I don’t think so, but copying files from the internet with Windows does expose one to viruses - although they won’t actually infect your Linux system.

With the limited information that you have provided, I can suggest only that you stick to using Linux - on a separate computer! :wink:


I was composing a lengthy reply to you…
I decided to leave it for awhile, so I copied the http address to this page, and pasted it at the top of the composition in libre writer… Suddenly that link is pasted repeatedly throughout the composition six-times… and bits of the composition are copied and pasted throughout the composition, making it all read like gibberish… What does that?

I really don’t know. But I do have problems with my cursor jumping suddenly to random places in my typing. In my case it’s due to my sleeve moving over the mouse pad of my laptop, and raising the sleeve seems to fix it.
As for multiple pastes: that’s weird and I really don’t have any idea.