thunderbird update SOLVED

Whenever I log in to my thunderbird mailbox, it says I should update.
It then says check the Help file and click Update, my problem is there is no Update option in my help file.
The Thunderbird site has a download option for the latest update, my problem is do I need to remove the existing Thunderbird before downloading the new programme.
What do I do ??

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Don W

Firstly which distro are you using?

EDIT - Didn’t notice it was in the Ubuntu specific forum! Schoolboy error!

If Thunderbird is in your distros repository you should be able to update it via that. If you update from the Mozilla website you won’t need to uninstall first, it’ll just replace the outdated version.

It would be helpful (every time you ask for support) to include which Linux distro/version you are running :wink: … and in this case which version of Thunderbird you are currently running.

It then says check the Help file and click Update, my problem is there is no Update option in my help file.

In Thunderbird, what happens if you select Help>About Thunderbird … are you offered an update ?

You could try turning off “Check for updates” in Thunderbird (bound to be there somewhere, Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Update maybe ?) … and wait till it’s updated in the repos, and comes through as an update.

Unless of course you NEED the latest version now.

Or …

If it’s Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, or 11.04 (or PeppermintOS 2)… you could add this PPA:

The latest stable version of thunderbird (10.2) should then come through as an update in “Update Manager”:slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to add a PPA to your software sources … just ask, and ye shall be answered :wink:

Sorry guys,
I am working on 2 machines and getting myself confused.
I have UBUNTU 10.4 on this machine and Thunderbird 3.1 which I installed via the Ubuntu Software Centre.
My problem is every time I open Thunderbird it says I need to upgrade as they are withdrawing support for this version.
I followed the instructions they gave and downloaded the Thunderbird 11 tar file.
I unzipped this file and now have a Thunderbird folder in my Home folder.
What do I do now ?

Don W

Delete the file for Thunderbird, because it’s source code and you’ll have to compile it, which is kind of complicated when you don’t know how.

You can get the latest Thunderbird releases by adding their stable PPA, so open a terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install thunderbird

When a new release is available for update, your update manager will tell you. :slight_smile:

If Thunderbird is already installed, there’s no need to run the last of BkS’s commands … instead just run:

sudo apt-get upgrade

or even better, leave off the last command in BkS’s instructions altogether … and run the update manager … it will automatically pull in the updated version from the PPA you just added.

Hi Guys,
I installed Thunderbird yesterday on the dual boot machine and it appears A OK.
I installed Thunderbird on my Peppermint 2 system this morning and it was another success ;D

Good Karma all round

take care and thanks
Don W

Thanks for tagging the topic SOLVED :slight_smile: … and good karma for doing so :wink: